An overview about scoliosis treatment in India

As per medical experts scoliosis goes on to have an impact on 6 million children worldwide. In fact a vast majority of the kids are in the age group of 10 to 15 years. Before you opt for scoliosistreatment in India there are some parameters that you need to be aware of in the first place.
It is rated to be a medical deformity where the spine of an individual is curved from a side to side basis. You have to view the fact that it works out to be one of the most complex surgical procedures that has been undertaken on children. The entire course of the surgery takes around 6 hours. It is treated well if you detect it early. 

The diagnosis

If the diseases run in your family it is really important. Most often the doctor will ask the child to bend forward. Any sort of deformities of the back will be revealed. The hips and shoulders of your child will be checked at the same time. The manner of movement of your child will be tested as well. Apart from this your child may need the following set of tests as well
  •       X ray- a detailed X ray would be taken of the spine of your child. The view from the sides and the back will be taken as well. Then the doctor will go on to observe the shape or curve of the spine. If there are other problems like fixed bones it could be found as well.  The doctor will also try to cross check the fact whether the bones of your kid are growing or not.
  •       CT scan- also goes by the name of CAT. With the aid of a special X ray machine you take out the pictures of the body of the baby. On closer observation the blood vessels along with the bones of the baby are observed. The child is likely to be provided with an IV before clicking of pictures. By doing so the health care providers are able to see the pictures in a better way. Sometimes the kid may be allergic to certain type of fish and it is better to inform the doctor well in advance.

The post-operative care after the surgery

Once the surgery is over the patients can move within a couple of days and they do feel a lot better. The total duration of hospital stay would be around 4 to 6 days. You can return to school within 2 to 4 days after the surgery but it is suggested that you limit your activities.

More the immobile the spine works out to be better it is going to fuse. Any form of heavy activity is restricted for the first couple of months after the surgery. Because of this precise reason some surgeons may ask the patients to spot a brace after a surgery. It has to be mentioned that any sort of physical activity is restricted for close to a year after the surgery is over.


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