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There are so many kinds of dresses that are used by women for daily and casual purposes. Some of the clothing items that are used by women for casual and daily basis are mentioned below as follows:


Burqa is the clothing items that are used by Muslim women to cover their bodies fully from top to the bottom.

The burqa covers the women properly only the hands, head and feet part of the body are not covered by these dresses.

A burqa is a long maxi type of clothing items. The burqa is attached with a face veil that helps out women to cover their faces also. These are the dresses that are worn by women of strict countries and cities such as Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan etc.

Tops and Jeans:

These are casual wearing items that are worn by girls to cover themselves up. Tops are the upper covering whereas jeans are the clothing items that cover the bottom part of the body.

There are numerous types of jeans and tops with so many unique designs. People can easily buy women evening tops online at cheap and affordable prices.


Hijabs are the head coverings that are used by Muslim women’s to cover their heads in front of any male member near them other than their husband.

Hijabs are folded around the head and neck and cover the chest part also. These are clothes that are usually square or rectangular in shape.

Hijabs are also used by women for doing prayers also. These are the clothing items that women sometimes use for their privacy also.


Tunics are the dresses that are similar to one piece the only difference is that these dresses have a suspender so that the dress remains in its place properly.

Tunics are usually made from denim stuff. These are the dresses that are usually worn by teenager girls. People can buy formal evening tops with tunics.


Abayas are the long maxi type dresses that are used by Muslim women to cover themselves fully from top to the bottom. Abayas are black and grey synthetic stitched clothes that the women’s use.

Nowadays, Abayas are available in different types of colors. Abayas are the dresses that help women in keep their bodies warm. These are the dresses that are usually worn in winter seasons.


Niqabs are again a Muslim clothing item that is used by women to cover their heads as well as their faces.

Niqabs have a cut-out in the center so that the women can easily see through it.

Niqabs are mainly used by women to cover their faces and heads in front of any male member other than their husband. These are the clothing items that are used by women for their own privacy and security.

These above mentioned are some of the clothing items that are used by women for daily purposes.

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