Microsoft Urges Gamers To Touch Grass With New Velocity Green Xbox Controller

Touch grass, they said. So we did!" Sounds cryptic? Don`t worry — it is simply Microsoft. The enterprise has simply discovered a brand-new Xbox controller. No, it does not include any new features, however it sports activities a glittery new shadeation — and it is probably simply the colouration to fit your unique tastes. The new "Velocity Green" controller is already to be had for sale.

If you spend a while on numerous social media sites, which includes Twitter or Reddit, you could have visible a person being informed to move "contact grass." This is frequently (however now no longer always) used as a mild insult that suggests a person wishes to move outside, 

revel in the actual world, "contact a few grass," and prevent spending a lot time online. The implication is that they are too invested in insignificant topics at the internet, and will use a wholesome dose of truth to advantage a few perspective.

Microsoft took "touching grass" to the following stage through adopting the meme and turning it right into a a laugh manner to put it on the market its new controller for the Xbox. The device is spring inexperienced, with a shadeation equivalent to the colouration we have got frequently visible on Razer peripherals, albeit a chunk softer in saturation. The the front of the controller is all inexperienced and black, however the lower back is natural white, balancing matters out. It actually appears nice, even though the charge is a bit much less pleasing.

The new Xbox Velocity Green controller joins Microsoft's developing line of numerous controller sun sunglasses. Aside from the basic "Black," game enthusiasts also can buy a controller in "Shock Blue," "Pulse Red," "Deep Pink," and "Electric Volt." Some of those sun sunglasses are eye-watering because of how shiny they are, however others are greater balanced. Velocity Green lands someplace withinside the center of that spectrum, and if the feedback on Twitter are some thing to move through, it'd turn out to be a fan favorite — in particular because of the truth that it sports activities a variation of Xbox's signature colours.

Much just like the relaxation of the lineup, the brand new controller is wi-fi and helps Bluetooth. You can pair it with an Xbox Series X, Series S, or Xbox One, however it is able to additionally be used with a Windows PC, on Android, or even on iOS. While it sounds lovely, it is tough now no longer to statement at the truth that this controller is an awful lot greater costly than the relaxation of the lineup, at the least withinside the reliable Microsoft Xbox store. 

This will be because of the truth that the opposite "special" colours are discounted, though. Velocity Green is presently priced at $65; the opposite fashions used to value simply as an awful lot, however they have all visible large charge cuts because then. For now, in case you need to personal the ultra-modern and maximum spring-suitable Xbox controller, you may ought to spend a bit greater cash.


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