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The H3N2 influenza is spreading rapidly in different parts of the country. The patients report flu-like symptoms which last for approximately 5 to 7 days. The sudden change in weather from extremely cold to hot has been identified as the main reason behind the rapid spread. 

Cough, fever, chills, nausea, vomiting, sore throat, diarrhea, runny nose and continuous sneezing are common symptoms of H3N2 influenza. In severe cases, the patient may experience discomfort in chest, difficulty in swallowing and continuous fever. 

The Ministry of Health has shared several guidelines that can help prevent you from catching the virus. Let's take a look at these prevention steps.

H3N2 Influenza: Prevention steps you must follow

1. Maintain hand hygiene by washing your hands with soap and water frequently or using hand sanitizer

2. Avoid touching your face and nose

3. Wear a mask and avoid crowded places

Cover your mouth and nose while sneezing and coughing

5. Avoid close contact like shaking hands

6. Do not spit in public

7. Drink plenty of water

The Health Ministry and other health officials have also warned against the use of antibiotics to treat this infection.

H3N2 influenza can spread easily from an infected person. Transfer of infected droplets via air, direct contact or surfaces can transfer it from one person to another.

Who is at a higher risk?

Children, senior citizens, pregnant women and people with pre-existing health conditions are at a higher risk of catching the virus.


Prostate cancer is one of the leading causes of death in men worldwide. Prostate is a tiny walnut-shaped gland in males that produces the semen that nourishes the sperm. Cancer of the prostate occurs when cells in the gland grow uncontrollably and form a mass, also called a tumour. Any type of cancer, in any part of the body needs to be diagnosed early. Delayed diagnosis often results in unsuccessful treatments and higher mortality rate.

Prostate is a part of the male reproductive organ that is located in the lower pelvis, just below the bladder. It surrounds the urethra, which is a tube that helps empty out the urine from the bladder. Therefore, when the tumor grows, it presses on the tube, leading to urinary symptoms. 

These include: - The need to pee more frequently, often during the night- The need to rush to the toilet- Difficulty in starting to pee (hesitancy)- Straining or taking a long time while peeing- Weak flow- Feeling that your bladder has not emptied fully- Blood in urine

In most cases, early stages of prostate cancer do not show any symptoms. But when they do, they are most often associated with urinary symptoms, which include needing to pee more frequently, often during the night, difficulty in starting to pee, straining while peeing or a weak flow. 

However, researchers believe waiting for urinary symptoms to appear can further delay diagnosis and treatment, increasing the risk of death.In addition, not all urinary symptoms means you have prostate cancer. It can also indicate other non-cancerous, benign prostate or urinary conditions. That's when prostate screenings can help confirm your diagnosis. But there are certain things to consider, before getting yourself screened for prostate cancer.

According to the American Cancer Society (ACS), people should not start prostate screening until they have spoken with a doctor. As per the health body, people should begin discussions about screening at:- age 50 if they have an average risk of prostate cancer and are likely to live for at least 10 years or more- age 45 if they have a high risk of prostate cancer, such as:

While there are several benefits of getting a prostate cancer screening including early diagnosis and treatment, there are certain downsides of taking the screening when you don't even need it. The primary risk of prostate cancer screening is that it can cause a false positive test result, reports Medical News Today. "False positive results lead to further unnecessary tests, including a biopsy of the prostate," adds the health site.

The USA is known for several reputed hospitals in the country with medical or healthcare sectors experiencing tremendous growth year by year. The hospitals should make sure that each of the patients is provided with the best possible treatment. When the doctors consult the patients, the patient interacts with doctors and the medical assistant only. But there are other people who work hard from out-of-the-scene to make the entire treatment procedure really satisfactory. While the patients and doctors get busy with health ailments; these people work in the background to make sure that medical claims are billed and processed correctly.

Importance of medical billing

Medical billing is one of the complex but important processes in the medical industry. Now every hospital and doctor have to provide electronically generated bills for the settlement of claims. The bills should be made in accordance with the requirements of the company to proceed with the claims and to collect the amount within a short period of time. Medical coding and billing demand good knowledge and training in the similar field. Some hospitals think about appointing billing professionals and individual doctors may consider a billing expert with them to take care of the procedure. But the wise medical centers and medical professionals make use of the services of medical billing companies in usa.

Save a lot of space, effort, and money

Hospitals should appoint necessary staffs, provide them with sufficient office space and infrastructure, latest medical billing software for in-house medical billing services. This certainly consumes a good space, cost good amount and effort. Medical billing services from third-party companies make the hospitals free from all of these expenses and to get the billing done in the right way in the right time. Now there are several medical billing service providers in the USA to select from. Hospitals can make billing really fast and simple and can be free from any of the headaches related to this complex process.

Services at affordable rates

Billing services are provided for the USA hospitals at really affordable rates. Most of the leading billing companies of USA outsource the works to the Indian companies and medical billing, coding and transcription works are so hot in importance IT cities of the country. Indian staffs with incredible knowledge provide high-quality services for cheap rates when compared with the cost for the same in the USA.

Increase rate of collection at reduced costs

Now hospitals and doctors of USA can say goodbye to the decreased rate of collection and that too takes after a long time. Reputed medical companies with high-end knowledge about the policies and procedures of insurance companies help the medical practices to increase the collection rate up to 20% at short turnaround time and reduced costs. The companies help the hospitals to concentrate more on the core activities related to patient care than revolving around the various aspects of medical billing.

Several reputed hospital and doctors outsource medical billing services to the leading medical companies to make the process perfect, fast and tension free. They take care of complete process right from collecting the personal details of the patient to disbursement of funds.

The system related to medical billing is changing really fast. This makes it quite difficult for independent practices or even single hospitals to manage the task in-house in a profitable manner. Medical practice managers have a lot of tasks that they have to handle, so outsourcing the administrative and clinical functions to a third party can be a pretty reasonable and attractive option. There are a lot many advantages to outsourcing your medical billing to a professional company that will know exactly how to manage all the bills and claims so that you receive the maximum benefits.

Among all hair problems, dandruff is one of the most stubborn ones. Getting rid of dandruff is quite difficult as it doesn’t go away easily. Dandruff can even leave you in awkward and embarrassing situations when you are out and about with other people. There are a lot of people who suffer from dandruff and it affects people from all age groups too. Majorly teens are found to suffer from it though because of the changes going on in their body.
The spinal cord is the downward continuation of medulla oblongata. Spinal cord contains white matter on the surface and gray matter inside. The spinal cord serves as a conductor of impulses to and from the brain to the various organs. It acts as a centre for reflex action. There are billions of specialized cells called neurons in the central nervous system.

Human Spinal Cord

They are the basic functional unit of nervous system. Their main role is in signal transmission. The basic property of neurons is the ability to transmit electrical signals called nerve impulses is response to any stimuli. A neuron has a cell body, a very long axon sheathed in myelin and many tiny branches called dendrites. There are three kinds of neurons called sensory neurons, intermediate neurons and motor neurons. Sensory nerve cells perform two functions.

 Specialized sensory nerve cells respond to particular stimuli in the environment such as light or heat. They pass impulses to other sensory nerve cells that carry the information to the brain and spinal cord. In the brain and spinal cord, decisions are made. Motor nerve cells carry instructions from the brain and spinal cord to the muscles and glands. Connecting nerve cells join sensory and motor nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord. A typical neuron consists of a nucleated cell body and it has several branches.Of these branches ,axons and the dendrite are the important.

Dendrites are tiny branches on the cell body and at the ends of all neurons. The dendrites from one cell do not actually touch the dendrites of any other cell. There are very tiny gaps between them called synapses. The dendrites conduct the impulses towards the cell body and the axons conduct away from it. The axons are long cytoplasmic tubes.

They carry electric impulses from one part of the body to another. They are insulated from each other by their myelin sheaths. So the nervous system is the principal regulatory system of the body. Faults in the system can lead to many severe problems.

Author Bio: The Author of this article, Sreejith is writing articles on Biomedical Instrumentation in Electronics and Communications

Cosmetics come in different sizes, shapes, fragrances and prices. The exclusiveness of these products is such that these even come as per the needs of the consumers. You can easily find many makeup products that are natural and organic.

These Pure organic vegan makeup products are not just healthy and effective but safe for your skin too. Everybody wants to look stylish and beautiful. However, only a few people use the right products. If you use chemical oriented makeup products then you are harming your skin and body. You have to take proper precautions to ensure that your body stays healthy and skins shines. Have you ever experienced that itchiness on your cheeks or neck? It is not because of any environmental changes but because of the makeup you applied on your skin.

Vegan Makeup Products 

Expensive but effective

These organic makeup products are quite expensive but they are absolutely effective. These are safe because they don’t contain any type of chemicals or ingredients that might be dangerous for skin. Pure creams, milk, butters and oils are used in these products. Since the ingredients are pure organic, the outcomes would be natural and safe too.  You might have to spend a few more bucks on the products but that would be much better than spending a lot of pennies later on the skin treatments or medicines. Many products that claim to be effective do carry some harmful ingredients that can ruin the softness of your skin right away.

Don’t take a chance

In case you have undergone any bad experience with synthetic makeup products, it is time that you switch to natural products. Often it has been seen that people say that there are no good products in the market and hence they have to stick to the same makeup items. The reality is that people are too lazy to look for natural products. Once they look around they would be gathered with so many natural and healthy products. Since you can afford natural products for your stylish and beautiful looks; don’t take a chance. Organic products are always better than even the best advertised synthetic products.

No side effects

You have no clued how many side effects some products might have. You might be using that attractive looking lipstick or face makeup stuff but what about the hidden chemicals in them?  These chemicals would slurp all the softness and effectivity of your skin and leave a dry and poor rough base. Maybe you would enjoy a momentary stylish look but the side effects would stay for a long period. If you are using natural products on your face as a makeup item then you would feel beautiful and stay safe. These natural items have do not have any type of side effects. These are safe and healthy for your skin and body. You won’t have to worry about the eyes or other sensitive areas while applying them. Even if they get inside by mistake, they won’t harm you.


So, start looking for organic and vegan makeup brands and pick the items that you need the most. These can help you stay stylish and safe both!

As per medical experts scoliosis goes on to have an impact on 6 million children worldwide. In fact a vast majority of the kids are in the age group of 10 to 15 years. Before you opt for scoliosistreatment in India there are some parameters that you need to be aware of in the first place.
It is rated to be a medical deformity where the spine of an individual is curved from a side to side basis. You have to view the fact that it works out to be one of the most complex surgical procedures that has been undertaken on children. The entire course of the surgery takes around 6 hours. It is treated well if you detect it early. 

The diagnosis

If the diseases run in your family it is really important. Most often the doctor will ask the child to bend forward. Any sort of deformities of the back will be revealed. The hips and shoulders of your child will be checked at the same time. The manner of movement of your child will be tested as well. Apart from this your child may need the following set of tests as well
  •       X ray- a detailed X ray would be taken of the spine of your child. The view from the sides and the back will be taken as well. Then the doctor will go on to observe the shape or curve of the spine. If there are other problems like fixed bones it could be found as well.  The doctor will also try to cross check the fact whether the bones of your kid are growing or not.
  •       CT scan- also goes by the name of CAT. With the aid of a special X ray machine you take out the pictures of the body of the baby. On closer observation the blood vessels along with the bones of the baby are observed. The child is likely to be provided with an IV before clicking of pictures. By doing so the health care providers are able to see the pictures in a better way. Sometimes the kid may be allergic to certain type of fish and it is better to inform the doctor well in advance.

The post-operative care after the surgery

Once the surgery is over the patients can move within a couple of days and they do feel a lot better. The total duration of hospital stay would be around 4 to 6 days. You can return to school within 2 to 4 days after the surgery but it is suggested that you limit your activities.

More the immobile the spine works out to be better it is going to fuse. Any form of heavy activity is restricted for the first couple of months after the surgery. Because of this precise reason some surgeons may ask the patients to spot a brace after a surgery. It has to be mentioned that any sort of physical activity is restricted for close to a year after the surgery is over.

Due to the advancements in technology, orthopaedic surgeon is more available than before. Do opt for the best orthopaedicsurgeon in India as the complications are less with the recovery time in comparison on the lower side. Finding the right doctor goes a long way in contributing to the process of recovery. So let us go through the process by which you can find one.

Check out in terms of referrals

Do check out from your family or friends who have availed their services in the best. There is nothing better than word of mouth publicity to be honest. If the desired results are not achieved you can do a random search on the internet. Numerous names will spring up. Any of your friends who have undergone a surgery would be able to provide you with reasonable feedback on the same.

Study about the surgeon

Do verify the credentials of the surgeon. There are various websites that would help you to do so. If you plan to avail their services see to it that they are board certified. This not only means that they have the training in this domain but have the necessary set of qualifications in order to perform the surgery.

Experience is another area that you cannot ignore. They are not only specialists in their domain, but they keep on utilizing the latest in terms of technology. To provide optimum surgical care to the patients they do go on to use the latest in surgical methods. Do consider their track record of being part of successful surgeries. If you opt for a good one the rate of complication does happen to be on the lesser side as well.

Pay a visit to the doctor’s office or the hospital

This is a step that needs to be advocated once you trim down the choices. Ideally you would want to meet each surgeon. Just take this as an opportunity to present your case. If they are a good surgeon they will take time to listen to all your queries. They are then going to advice you on what would be the next course of action as well.  You should go on to pay a visit to a doctor with whom you are comfortable. Do take the behaviour of the staff and the nurses into consideration as well.

When you at the hospital do observe the surgical equipment in place. Do verify the fact that all the modern equipment’s are in place or not. Ideally a surgeon should have the necessary experience along with expertise. Then they are going to do a great job for sure.

When you are opting for this surgery cost does assume a lot of importance. The problem would be that there is considerable follow up treatment in this case. All of these contribute to the rising costs. So just consider all these above factors when you are planning to opt for this surgery. Your budget works out to be really important.

Sexual fulfilment is not found in between the couple of today’s world and there is an increase in this trend among the working population. Because of irregular working hours and different life styles, it is hard for them to have sexual intercourse in a definite and healthier way. Because of the absence of proper sleep and the presence of highly depressed mind, males find it very hard to maintain their erection for a very long time. This cause their female partner to lose interest in the sexual activities thus at the end spoiling their sexual life as a whole. In order to treat this problem there is no need to spend on expensive ways and let me show this link that is capable of offering you an easy and simple way to regain the power you have lost due to outer pressures of the world.

Avoid hormonal therapies

Replacing your hormone in a very smaller age is not going to help in any way but in turn, they are useful for the doctors who carry out these kind of therapies. So in order to overcome the problems involved in erection after knowing the proper symptoms and causes of the condition that is called with the name erectile dysfunction. It is caused due to the inability of the blood vessel to provide the necessary amount of blood with high pressure in order to make the muscles of the penis to enlarge in an excited situation. When you are not having a proper cardiovascular system, it is very hard to get a hard penis too.

Cialis is the solution

This is a form of phosphodiesterase type 5 inhibitor and it can also be used for attaining euphoria during normal hours. By this information, we can understand that this drug is mostly used to common purpose too and visit the link in order to get more information about the proper dosage of the drug and you can find the possible side effects of the drug if taken in a wrong way. These drugs are available mostly in the online stores and you can easily save a lot of money while buying it through the internet communication. It saves you a travel to the retail outlets and avails the opportunity to order it from any part of the world at any time thus destroying the legal and geographical barriers to the users.

The first thing on the to do list of a doctor or nurse after pregnancy would be vitamin K vaccines. The core policy of this vaccine would be to enable the little one with blood clotting capabilities. It does prevent the chance of bleeding on to the brain in the first few years of the life of a new born. The moment a  baby is born it is provided. in terms of complications it is on the rarer side and one out of 10,000 babies do suffer from it.

vitamin K deficiency

This vaccine could also be a safeguard if anything does happen to your child on the way back from the hospital. Say for example even a mild children could be serious if the blood clotting capacity of the little one is not proper. At an initial phase to avoid vitamin k would not be a no brainer. It is of paramount importance and the question of this vaccine is not at all a desired phenomenon. Now with all the confusions around the first thing that might strike you are whether it is worth its value or not in the first place.

Doctors are noticing a worrying trend that most parents are refusing vitamin K vaccines for babies. It could lead to an increase of internal bleeding in the intestines or the brain. As already most of us are aware it does help in blood clot formation. This is already present in the adults but when it comes to the question of kids this does not happen to be the case. The worst part is that breast milk does not have sufficient dose of vitamin K in order to get rid of any form of deficiencies as well.

There are chances that kids who suffer from vitamin K deficiency could have specks of blood in their stool as well. In fact they could go on to suffer from anaemia that is shortage of healthy red blood cells. In order to ensure that the new born babies are healthy it is suggested that a vitamin K is a must right after the baby is born. This is the standard practice in countries like USA.
Most of the parents who have gone to refuse vitamin K normally do it with a myth. This is in the hope that there happens to be a strong relation between vitamin K and blood cancer. In short if you 
are refusing vitamin K, then simply you are playing with your child.

On the other side of the coin, it has been observed that parents go on to pay less heed to natural birthing experiences. It would be refusing an epidural and then take the baby home without even providing them the basic set of vaccines. The best way would be to ask a lot of questions and then undertake a detailed research. This has to be from various sources as well. Take a decision on what you know and not what others are doing.
As the embryogenesis proceeds, the cells of the embryoblast undergo differentiation at an early stage, when the diameter is less than 2 mm and form an outer layer of cells called the ectoderm and an inner layer of cells called the endoderm.At the later stage of development the mesoderm is formed between the ectoderm and endoderm.These two layers give rise to all the tissues of the developing embryo this process is called gastrulation and the structure is called gastrula.

Meds for pregnancy digestion

The development of gastrula begins after the implantation of the embryo into the uterine wall. After implantation the endometrium undergoes enormous changes to form decidua, which is shed when the foetus is delivered. Decidua tissue consists of three layers:-
  • The part of the endometrium between the chorion and the myometrium of the uterus is called and deciduous basalis. It becomes the maternal part of placenta.
  • Decidua capsularis is the part of the endometrium between the embryo and the uterine cavity.
  • Decidua parietalis is the part of the modified endometrium that surrounds the whole pregnant uterus, except the area of placenta.
Almost 80% women experience indigestion, during the entire period of pregnancy. As the baby starts developing, the indigestion problems hike enormously. With the gradual growth of the baby, different types of hormones start secreting in different levels, and the pressure on the stomach increases as the uterus grows in size. As a direct consequence of the varying levels of hormones, indigestion results. Meds for pregnancy digestion helps soothe this problem effectively.

Duration Of The Fertile Period Of Menstrual Cycle

The spermatozoa remain alive in the female genital tract following ejaculation upto72hours, but theyattainthe ability to fertilize the secondary oocyte only after 48 hours in a female genital tract i.e. in later 24 hours.So the chance of fertilization is maximum is coitus occurs in the second and third week of menstrual cycle and it is minimum is the latter takes place in the first orfourth week of the cycle.So more precisely 12 to 18th day of menstrual cycle is called fertile period.

Pregnant digestion medicine are one of the most common medications, required to be kept handy as digestive problems increasingly occur in pregnancy. Common problems that are encountered by almost all include indigestion, hemorrhoids, heartburn, constipation, flatulence and belching. Pregnant women generally take antacids like Rolaids, Tums and Maalox to cope with heartburns’. Calcium carbonate or magnesium can be good options but magnesium is suggested to avoid during the last 3 months of pregnancy. As it is believed that magnesium can have adverse effects on the contractions during labour.

Indigestion generally comes with an uncomfortable feeling in the stomach while eating a meal or after it. A burning sensation or pain is felt in the upper portion of the stomach. Indigestion is also known as dyspepsia. Although gastro esophageal reflux disease (GERD), gallbladder diseases, ulcers can also be an underlying cause of the problem. Treatment is specific depending on the cause of the symptoms. Indigestion is often accompanied with heartburn, caused due to the raised levels of acids in the oesophagus.
Magnetism and Medicine

Earth is itself a ball of magnet. Now this magnet exhibits a very innovative property which is called as the magnetism. Magnetism is actually a force that operates on the principle of attraction as well as repulsion thus giving its surrounding a very good effect of its presence. Like the electrodes which exhibit the electrostatic force of attraction as well as repulsion, because of the presence of positive charge and negative charge in them. Magnet is also governed with the help of pole. A magnet has two poles North Pole and the South Pole. The poles present in the magnet is due to its presence in the earth and as earth itself is a magnet their poles of the magnet are in complementation to the Earth’s Magnetic field. Thus their alignment is totally opposite to the earth’s magnetic field. Thus staying in the earth’s magnetic environment. Thus a magnet and its magnetic force is pole dependent. 

Researchers and doctors and also many other technician have found that this property of the magnet very useful. They wanted this property to be integrated to the medical detection system. MRI or what is commonly called as the Magnetic Resonance Imaging is one of the adaptation of magnetic property in to the treatment method.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging or MRI is one of the most effective technique that uses magnetism or the magnetic property in detecting several other problems. It is mainly a technique with which we can have a look of the internal organs of the body. Thus giving us all the images and the insights of these internal organs. It is a very newly found technique available in all the cities across India. Chennai in India is one of the medical hub of the country. Naturally we can easily find MRI scan centers in Chennai

Along with the magnetic property MRI also uses high frequency radio waves for its detection. The body has different type of problems. However these scanning and imaging detection system is one of the best way for the doctors for the analysis of the problems. They can penetrate deep in to the body thus illuminating the organs and different other tissue. They are provided with an output system, which computerized where all the results come. A large shaped magnet is used in the MRI system along with the radio waves which uses the magnetic force or the energy for the detection of the problems inside the body.

MRI used for 

MRI is most useful in detecting the internal organs of the body. MRI scanning technique is mainly used in
  • Joints as well as Bones
  • Brain problems
  • Heart and also the blood vessels
  • Spinal Cord related problems
  • Breasts or mammary gland
  • Internal Organs like prostate gland and womb any many others
Machine Constituents and set up

Machine set up of the MRI goes like this. It is large and cylinder shaped magnet. The set up consists of a bed in between the magnet. For the patients to lie down. And thus the scanning system starts working all throughout giving us good knowledge about the problem.

Making Treatment Methods Easier

Open MRI scan centers in Chennai offers good system and some centers also provide them with good price range, thus making the medical practice very much easier.

Problems That Often Occur After Liver Transplant Surgery

Organ transplant is a very critical procedure which has a long list of risks. There are a number of tests that need to be done before the surgery and even after the surgery is over. The first challenge that occurs during liver transplant is to find a suitable donor which must have some certain criteria. And then comes the matching and compatibility test. The donor must pass this test to donate some part of their liver and this part is also vital for post-surgical processes. Compatibility tests ensure that the blood and tissue type of both donors and the recipient is same and there won't be any problem with rejection or infection after the surgery.
What is craniotomy? It is considered to be a surgical procedure, where a portion of the skull referred to as the bone flap is removed so that the brain could be accessed. In fact they are necessary for many types of surgeries associated with the brain. It is normally performed under a dose of anaesthesia, but can also be performed when a patient is awake and no form of significant discomfort is caused to the patient. This procedure is likely to be followed by a MRI scan whereby a picture of the brain is illustrated in details. Here the surgeon would figure out the exact position for brain removal and the angle is too measured so as to reach the precise regions of the brain. The amount of skull which is to be removed evolves down to the region where the surgery is being performed.

The small holes are known to heal without any major problem. When removal of large parts of the skull is concerned, the removed skull is refitted and then retained. On a temporary nature you can hold it with metal plates and aligns itself with the original part of the skull. Once this is achieved the metal plates are then removed.

Why India

Medical tourism is one of the major revenue spinners for the country. The numbers are a precise indictor of that. In the last few years the number of patients coming to India for medical related needs has raised manifold. The government has taken note of this and has gone on to extend all possible support to the development of this sector. Suitable relaxations in the form of visa on arrival and easy availability of the same are some of the efforts in this direction.

This has also led to the rise of a lot of medical tourism companies. When you in a foreign land any form of help would be of great advantage. This would mean readymade guidance along with other facilities that makes you stay easier. All one has to do is to drop in a query and the company will take care of things. They are going to secure admission to the top hospitals in the country. In recent times it is not about medical treatment, it would mean that India has turned out to be a major tourist 
destination. The clients can combine their medical trip with a sightseeing trip to the beautiful tourist locations of the country. This would mean the back waters of Kerala or a trip to the beaches of Goa. You can remind yourself in the best possible way. All this facility is not only extended to the patient, but also another person who is accompanying them.

Craniotomy cost in India stands in comparison to the lowest in the world, when you compare it to the western countries. Since it involves a complex surgery, the role of the surgeon assumes a lot of importance and   the surgeons in this part of the world are well equipped to deal with such cases.