Between their similar portraits chipsets, charge tags, and cappotential to output lovely 8K visuals, the trendy top rate gaming consoles appear pretty comparable at a look, however Sony designed a handful of key capabilities into the PlayStation five that aren`t everywhere to be determined at the Xbox Series X.

The variations among the maximum effective PlayStation and Xbox up to now pass past their respective futuristic and boxy designs, because the PS5 sports activities extraordinary video games, methods to play, and immersive technology which you cannot revel in with the Xbox Series X.

Although the Xbox Series X has its personal particular perks, including a massive library of backwards like minded video games from the Xbox One, Xbox 360, and authentic Xbox, a bigger 1TB inner SSD for greater storage, wealthy audio and visuals thru Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos, and a available Quick Resume function to seamlessly soar among more than one video games and apps, there are numerous key matters a PS5 can try this an Xbox Series X cannot.

PS VR2 gaming

One huge distinction among the Xbox Series X and the PlayStation five is the PS5's cappotential to play immersive digital fact video games and experiences. Although PS5 proprietors will want to spend money on a PlayStation VR2 package for an additional $549.99, VR enthusiasts will admire its marvelous 4K HDR visuals and unique movement controls, in addition to its enticing haptic headset feedback, eye tracking, and 3-D stereo sound. Some must-attempt PS VR2 video games encompass the terrifying "Resident Evil Village," the spine-chilling "Jurassic World Aftermath Collection," and the charming puzzle title "Tetris Effect: Connected."

If you're inquisitive about taking part in the first-rate VR video games at the market, already personal a PS5, and do not need to spend the cash wished for a great VR-prepared PC, a PS VR2 is a especially cheap manner to play. Unfortunately for Xbox Series X proprietors, it does not appear as aleven though Xbox Game Studios has plans to contain VR gaming into the Xbox environment withinside the foreseeable future.

Game Help offers applicable manual movies and snap shots that element precisely what to do and a way to do it to manual gamers via puzzles and tight spots. These Game Help courses are a snap to resize and pin for your recreation in a photograph-in-photograph mode so that you can reference it at a look at the same time as blazing a route via tough PS5 video games. The cappotential to right away pull up the correct manual to your video games as you are gambling them is some distance greater handy than stopping, looking for, and memorizing a YouTube tutorial.

We hit a magnificent milestone today — we solved our 500th Wordle! For some reason, it feels like a big enough deal to celebrate, but we're making do with the deep satisfaction of keeping a streak for that long. Of course, that means there's now a lot at stake with every subsequent puzzle, so if you're in the same camp with us .

the proud owner of an impressive Wordle streak — we're here to help keep it that way. To help you crack today's code, we'll share a couple of clues that should make the answer word clear to you. If you don't mind a spoiler or simply prefer to cut to the chase, you can skip to the second section for the reveal of the solution.

The word of the day is in common usage, and its letter combination isn't unconventional either. It's a verb that can double as a noun depending on the context, and it means to take or assign responsibility for wrongdoing. There are only two vowels, A and E, as the third and fifth letters respectively, and no letters are repeated. The word rhymes with "claim," and it becomes fire if you replace its first letter with F. If you remove the first letter altogether, the word becomes uncool.

Still uncertain? The solution to today's Wordle puzzle (#632 — March 13, 2023) is "blame." The word is not uncommon, so a definition is unnecessary, but you might find its origin interesting — we did. Merriam-Webster reports that "blame" is from Anglo-French "blamer" or "blasmer," which means to rebuke or criticize, 

and from Late Latin "blasphemare" or Greek " blasphēmein," which means to speak amiss of sacred things or to revile or reproach such. As you can probably guess, that's the same word from which "blasphemy" is derived, and it's surprising that the two words are related considering they have different, almost unrelated meanings.

It took three tries to solve the puzzle today, many thanks to a strategic starting word, slate. It had three letters in the correct position, but unfortunately, we guessed "flame" before the answer became clear. We hope you turn your tiles green just as quickly, or even faster, and if you're itching for more puzzle action, here are more games like Wordle to keep you busy.

After months of teasing glimpses, Hyundai has finally unveiled the second-generation of its popular Kona SUV, which has not only grown larger, but smarter. The new Kona is unique in that it was developed as an EV first and foremost, with the hybrid and internal combustion engine versions adapted from the EV's architecture. All three propulsion methods will also be available in Hyundai's sporty N Line trim as well.

Focusing on the all-electric 2024 Kona, two battery options will be offered: a standard range 48.4 kWh battery that provides a 213 mile range, and a long-range version with a 65.4 kWh battery that increases driving distance to 304 miles. Do note that these range figures were measured using the European WLTP method. The United States' EPA ranges will likely be approximately 10% lower since EPA testing more closely replicates real-world driving conditions.

Even so, the 2024 Kona Electric long-range variant — which is likely the only version that will be sold in North America — will slightly eclipse the current generation's EPA range estimate of 258 miles. This modest bump in range becomes more impressive when you consider that the 2024 model is much more spacious than the outgoing model, growing by nearly seven inches in length overall.

Since the 2024 Kona is based on 400-volt electric architecture, rather than an 800-volt system like its exclusively battery-electric siblings, it will be restricted to the same 100-kW Level 3 charging as the outgoing model. Nonetheless, Hyundai boasts that the battery can charge from 10% to 80% in just 41 minutes. The new Kona EV will also come equipped with standard vehicle-to-load technology (V2L), which basically allows the SUV to function as a mobile generator. U.S.-spec Kona vehicles will output 1.63 kVA, which is enough to power a campsite or small appliances.

The heavier focus on electrification has also delivered several features to the Kona that are lifted straight from the brand's Ioniq family, including the Smart Regenerative System, which adjusts the amount of regenerative braking applied based on driving style, traffic flow, and more. Also present is the Ioniq's active sound design (e-ASD) that makes faux engine noise inside the cabin, which Hyundai says "makes EVs more engaging for the driver."

Hyundai hasn't discussed pricing for the new Kona Electric, but given the manufacturer's price competitiveness, we don't expect a significant increase over the current-generation Kona's $33,550 window sticker (before incentives). Expect full details to be provided when the new Kona makes it U.S. debut at the 2023 New York Auto show in April.

Even in a sober, practical color, no one misses the 2023 Toyota Sequoia TRD Pro. Spec it in eye-searing Solar Octane orange, and the burly three-row SUV is definitely obnoxious in the way it grabs eyeballs. While you`ve were given their attention, you may as properly factor out it is also a hybrid.

Nobody goes to mistake the Sequoia TRD Pro for something near a Prius, mind. By the time the Toyota Racing Development group has had its depraved manner with the beefy truck, what generally begins offevolved at under $59k (plus $1,595 destination) has escalated to a heady $76,000. Throw in $290 for the electricity-extending tow mirrors, $87 for the ball mount, a $499 sprint cam, $1,395 TRD Roof Rack, and of course $425 for the retina-roasting paint job, and the SUV you spot right here crests the $80k mark.

Your cash converts what is generally a big, family-pleasant car into some thing all of sudden keen to move off-avenue. You ought to properly argue, in fact, that the TRD Pro remedy offers the Sequoia the glow-up its platform deserves. With underpinnings shared via way of means of the Land Cruiser that the united states is now denied — and the always-surprisingly-succesful Lexus LX which Toyota HQ believes North America can enjoy, as a treat — it is now no longer unfair to signify that the structure is wasted at the college run.

The TRD department has a few appropriate bones to begin with, then, and Toyota's engine would not permit the facet down. Every 2023 Sequoia comes with the identical 3.5-liter twin-faster V6 hybrid i-FORCE MAX engine, paired with a 10-pace automated transmission. It packs 437 horsepower and 583 lb-feet of torque, which withinside the case of the TRD Pro is driven to the automaker's 4WDemand part-time four-wheel power device.

That has an electronically-managed locking rear differential, a 2-pace switch case with high/low range, and an automated limited-slip differential. While different Sequoia trims may be had with air suspension, the TRD Pro opts for 2.5-inch FOX inner skip coil-overs and rear remote-reservoir shocks.

There's additionally a TRD Pro the front stabilizer bar, a TRD aluminum the front skid plate, and 18-inch TRD Pro matte-black cast aluminum BBS wheels with TRD middle caps. They're shod in 285/65R18 Falken WILDPEAK all-terrain tires. Even with the flamboyant dual-tip exhaust, method and departure angles growth to 23-tiers and 20-tiers respectively. It'll tow 9,020 pounds, and has 9.1-inches of floor clearance, 1/2 of an inch greater than the ordinary SUV.

In short — and as you would wish for the price — that is no mere styling package. Toyota desires to make it very clean that the Sequoia TRD Pro is absolutely prepared to move off-avenue in case you are, and the devices onboard assist there too. The Multi-Terrain Monitor is standard, with diverse digital digicam angles across the SUV to assist spot rocks, gullies, and different pratfalls.

Of course, it is simply as useful (if now no longer greater so) in city driving, wherein the dimensions of the Sequoia may be intimidating. Happily, Toyota assigns a big, committed button to summoning the digital digicam view, due to the fact even as the chunky tires upload a few minimize-warding off safety, it is absolutely viable to lose pedestrians or even different automobiles withinside the now no longer-inconsiderable blind spots. The oversized facet mirrors which assist a lot with rear visibility take their toll at the the front view.

The truth is, inspite of all of the digital digicam angles, that is a ridiculously big SUV. It's additionally really well worth noting that the TRD Pro trim has a bigger turning circle than its Sequoia siblings, despite the fact that Toyota has barely decreased lock-to-lock at the steering. At 44.fifty two toes, minimize-to-minimize, it is greater than four toes greater than the alternative variations of the truck, and that may take a bit being used to as you try and squeeze into parking spots.

Despite what you may suspect from the 6,150-pound minimize weight, aleven though, the TRD Pro would not sense sluggish. Toyota's hybrid device is the restore to that, sandwiching an electric powered motor among the engine and the transmission. A Ni-MH battery substances sufficient juice for brief, low-pace forays on electric powered electricity only, aleven though the selection there's left to the truck instead of imparting a committed (and, frankly, pointless) EV mode.

A lot goes into developing a car, especially when it comes to the luxury high-performance segment. Because the automotive market is highly competitive, especially when it comes to the top-tier contestants, manufacturers are in a constant race to innovate beyond what they've done before and release only the best of what they come up with. 

Each top car manufacturer spends millions of dollars on R&D, the high-quality materials used, and on developing the innovative features that make their models capable of high performance. Each of these factors shoots up the final price of the vehicle. 

While luxurious sports cars and hypercars are meant to give the best driving experience, one has to pay the price for the same, and sometimes the amount can be as ridiculous as $18 million. Although most of us can't even think of affording such hefty price tags, we can still have some fun exploring these high-perfrmance rides. Here are the 15 most expensive cars of all tim

The McLaren Speedtail is a hybrid sports car that will only be produced in a limited quantity (via Hot Cars). It is the fourth model to join the McLaren Ultimate Series. The vehicle is also a component of McLaren's Track25 business plan, according to which the company will debut 18 new hybrid cars or derivatives by the year 2025 and will transition to an entirely hybrid fleet by that same year, CNET reported.

The Speedtail comes fully equipped with the brand's most up-to-date comforts and amenities. Put outside mirrors out of your mind. Instead, the Speedtail has a pair of high-definition digital cameras that quietly slide out of the doors when the start button is pressed. These cameras come standard with the model. According to Car and Driver, the cameras have wider sightlines and are more aerodynamic than the external mirrors found on most vehicles.

The iconic McLaren F1 served as an inspiration for the design of the Speedtail's driver's seat, which is built of carbon fiber (via Forbes). Leathers with a lighter grain, both aniline and semi-aniline, are used throughout the cabin. These skins can be individualized with one-of-a-kind stitching designs in a variety of colors according to the customer's preferences. So if you're interested in purchasing a Speedtail, you should know that the price tag comes in at a cool $2.2 million.

The Lotus Evija, whose name is pronounced "eh-VIE'-ya," is a hypercar designed to test the limits of today's available technology. This model is totally electric, and it comes with an ultrafast charging configuration, in contrast to its numerous competitors, many of which offer hybrid powertrains. Its exterior is styled after race cars that are purpose-built to achieve victory on the track.

The sheet metal of the vehicle features components like butterfly doors and a big rear wing, among other things. The Evija's electric powertrain, which is built like a tank, is the vehicle's most impressive feature. A group of four electric motors is responsible for providing the necessary propulsion for the vehicle (via Car and Driver). According to Lotus, these motors produce a combined output of 1,972 horsepower and 1,254 lb-ft of torque. The Evija is capable of exceeding 200 miles per hour, and Lotus anticipates that it will be able to accelerate from 0 to 62 miles per hour in fewer than three seconds. Lotus will only produce 130 vehicles, and 2022 models start at $2.3 million.

In an attempt to bring the essence and thrill of Formula 1 driving to the streets, the renowned MotorSport brand Mercedes-AMG has launched the very first Mercedes-AMG Project ONE – a sports car that inherits the science and technology behind a typical F1 racing machine.

The AMG ONE boasts four electric motors in all, one for each front wheel, one coupled to the crankcase, and one in the turbocharger itself, all of which are the result of Mercedes-AMG and Petronas Motorsport working together on this vehicle. The end result is more than 1,000 horsepower and a top speed that exceeds 217 miles per hour. The electric motors in the front axle are capable of 50,000 revolutions per minute on their own, 

and the selective torque distribution enables exceptionally high levels of vehicle dynamics. This, in conjunction with the Race Start function and the removal of turbo lag, enables the ONE to accelerate from 0 to 124 mph in fewer than six seconds (via Car Throttle). Driving the ONE is sure to be a new experience even for drivers with many track days under their belt — but the privilege of owning one will run them $2.5 million.

The Bugatti La Voiture Noire has been deemed to be the world's most expensive one-off automobile. Since the company's founding in 1909, Bugatti has been defined by three characteristics: a pioneering spirit, a quest for perfection, and the determination to perpetually extend the limits of what is possible. Building one-of-a-kind automobiles is one of Bugatti is known for. There will only be one Noire ever made, and we think you'll find it very seductive. 

It's no secret that the Nissan Skyline GT-Rs and associated models are some of the most sought after cars in existence, at least to the generation raised on Gran Turismo games and the Fast and Furious movies. The R32 and R34 GT-Rs are always seen as the holy grail given their unattainable nature in the United States. The entire line of cars, dates back to the very first Skyline from 1960 and the GT-R in 1969. 

Older Skylines still hold the hearts and imaginations of gearheads and will for years to come. But something happened in 2009 that made both Nissan diehards and performance car fans all over jump for joy.

Nissan released the R35, the newest member of the GT-R family, to the United States, after officially launching it in 2007. And it wasn't a warmed over one-off car to make American buyers happy either, it very quickly became a firm contender for one of the best cars ever to wear the Nissan badge.

Right from the start, it's hard to find anything wrong with the R35 or any real deficiencies in the car itself. It throws out 480 horsepower to all four wheels with the help of its twin-turbo V6. According to a Car and Driver road test from 2008, a 2009 model year GT-R had a zero to 60 time of a scant 3.3 seconds, which is still wickedly fast and practically unheard of for anything that wasn't wearing a Bugatti badge several years ago. 

It was faster than a contemporary Porsche 911 Turbo and a Lamborghini Murciélago.Topping out at 191 mph doesn't hurt either. But the Skylines and GT-Rs were Godzilla with a more old school approach to speed and handling, the R35 GT-R is Mecha-Godzilla with its six-speed dual clutch automatic and hand-built port-injected 3.8-liter powerplant

When it launched, the R35 was the bargain of the century, beating a fair amount of supercars in both price and performance. The R35 of today puts out significantly more power at 565 horsepower and retails for $113,540, still a relatively good deal when you consider the price of a competing Porsche 911 Turbo at $182,900. The 911 is a hair faster at a 2.7-second zero-to-60 mph time compared to the updated R35's three seconds, but is that worth an extra nearly $70,000?

If you're in the market for a supercar killer that punches way above its weight class, you might want to consider the Nissan R35 GT-R. 

The electrification of the car area marches ever ahead thank you in no small component to the efforts of learners like Tesla and Rivian, however it'd be remiss to disregard the enterprise stalwarts as they abruptly begin to capture up, sooner or later understanding that it`s time to head all-in on EV. The Kia EV6 is one of the extra interesting electric powered SUVs which can be on the street in recent times way to the alarmingly rapid 3.4-2d 0-60 time granted via way of means of its 576 horsepower. 

That's best the EV6 GT, though. The extra affordable Wind RWD EV6 variation nonetheless can provide nicely over two hundred hp and 310 miles of envisioned variety. Starting at simply over $50,000, the sporty Kia EV6 represents a shot throughout the bow of motors just like the Tesla Model 3 and does so alarmingly nicely.  

There's extra to Kia's luxurious electric powered crossover than gobs of electricity, an over-abundance of torque, and first rate variety though. Its indoors is hiding a few surely tantalizing treats that make the using revel in that a great deal higher. 

For the longest time, a leather-based indoors has been visible as premium, and for appropriate reason. Leather is durable, characterful, and clean to clean. In latest times, though, being environmentally pleasant is coming to the vanguard of lots of the goods we use. This is going doubly so for electric powered motors that declare to be higher for the environment. Kia gives the EV6 with quite a few specific ventilated vegan leather-based indoors alternatives, beginning with a primary black, however which includes alternatives for charcoal with white seats, or black leather-based with white seat and door trims. 

If you are one for lively using, you may understand how critical it's miles to have a cushty seat that continues you in place. Upgrading to the sporty Kia EV6 GT trim additionally swaps out the vegan leather-based seats for suede bucket seats with neon inexperienced accents, matching the neon accents somewhere else at the GT and reminding you that you are in a automobile with high-velocity ambitions. Even the rear seats acquire the suede and neon trim enhancements in order that any passengers you are wearing approximately do not leave out out at the amusing. 

In the car international, BMW has carved out a gap for itself way to its motive force-centric indoors layout. With the EV6, Kia took a web page out of BMW's ee-e book and designed its indoors across the motive force and using revel in. It begins offevolved with the position — all of the controls withinside the EV6 are tilted in the direction of the motive force, and it is as in case you take a seat down most of the controls, with the whole thing in clean reach. Steering wheel controls positioned a variety of the movement at your fingertips, whilst the whole thing from the weather controls to the second one 12.3-inch panoramic show off to the proper of the motive force is tilted inward to present the motive force clean get entry to. 

This motive force-targeted layout philosophy makes it now no longer best less difficult and extra amusing to force the automobile, however shorter stretches to engage with the ancillary controls makes it less difficult to preserve your eyes and fingers at the wheel, main to a more secure experience as nicely. In a international wherein it is end up not unusual for producers to slap a huge display screen to the proper of the guidance wheel, it is fresh to look a producer reflect onconsideration on the format of its cockpit a touch extra. 

In the grand scheme of things, going for walks out of price on an extended force is firmly at the first-international quit of the trouble scale, however that does not suggest it isn't always annoying. When it involves the Kia EV6, there may be electricity on faucet nearly anywhere you look. First and foremost, the motive force and the the front passenger have get entry to to each a USB Type-C port beneathneath the sprint and a Qi wi-fi charging pad among the the front seats. The rear passengers have get entry to to USB ports beneathneath the middle rear seat in addition to  USB Type-C ports at the internal edges of the the front seats. Including the wi-fi charging pad, the EV6 has 5 general methods to switch electrons from the automobile's battery for your phone's battery

Along with adequate charging alternatives, the Kia EV6 is decked out with flashy tech alternatives, which includes Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, even though each are best wired. To remind you that you are in an EV — the automobile of the future — the entire indoors capabilities splashes of color-converting ambient lighting fixtures emitted from underneath the black trim portions and withinside the foot wells. 

In a international wherein many auto-makers inn to monolithic touchscreens for all of the automobile's controls, Kia moves an thrilling mixture among minimalist and functional. Sure, there are  12.3-inch panoramic touchscreens for automobile capability and infotainment, however there also are masses of tactile and semi-tactile controls. 

Speaking of rear seats, one gain of electrical motors is the dearth of a transmission tunnel. On normal gasoline-powered motors — and inexplicably, a few EVs — the transmission tunnel runs down the center of the automobile, taking on beneficial rear passenger legroom and capacity garage among the the front seats. The EV6 handily does away with the transmission tunnel, like several appropriate EV should, changing it with legroom withinside the rear and further garage area among the the front seats, and beneathneath the middle armrest. 

The greater little bits of area withinside the EV6 upload as much as make it appear to be a far larger automobile than its small crossover trappings might have you ever trust and make it perfect for longer journeys with more than one occupants. 

Apple creates new features for their iPhones and iPads every year. They are constantly pushing the limits of what you can do in the palm of your hand. The release of iOS 16 in particular promises all-new personalization options, deeper intelligence, and an improved way to communicate and share data. iPhones and iPads are therefore essential tools that we use every day, and it's no surprise that many of us think of ourselves as Apple connoisseurs.

Be that as it may, your Apple devices might still have a few tricks up their sleeves. In fact, we're willing to bet that there are a bunch of additional features you had no idea existed. As such, have scoured the internet (and our iPhones and iPads of course) to bring you a list of the best apps and settings that may improve your everyday mobile experience.

Back Tap is a hidden gem that allows Apple users to run shortcuts by simply double-tapping or triple-tapping the back of their iPhone. The possibilities are endless, but to name a few, you can turn the torch on, mute your sound, or activate the camera.

The double-tap and triple-tap functions can also be assigned to one or both of these options. If you'd like to use only one shortcut, then that's perfectly fine. However, you can multi-function your taps so they perform different shortcuts altogether. A favorite of ours is setting double-tap to scroll down, and triple-tap to scroll up. It makes browsing so much easier!

To confirm Back Tap is working, test it out and see if your iPhone responds. In some circumstances, your iPhone's protective case may prevent this feature from working correctly.

We've all been in that situation where we give our iPhone to a friend and hope they don't swipe too far. If you're like most of us, who want to keep our embarrassing selfies a secret, the new iOS 16 improves upon the hidden photo feature.

In the past, your hidden folder could be accessed if your iPhone was unlocked. Third-party apps could also potentially show your hidden photos if they had an image picker. But now, Apple has made vast improvements with iOS 16, as users can now lock their pictures and videos with Face ID.

Night Shift is a setting that automatically adjusts the colors of your display to a warmer color, providing a more comfortable experience for your eyes, and potentially improving your sleeping pattern.

Night Shift uses your iPad and iPhones clock to determine when it is sunrise and sunset. The display becomes more yellow in the evening and returns to normal in the morning. What's more, you can also set custom times for Night Shift, or have it on throughout the day.